Solving the Case of What Happened to Amelia Earhart: America’s Favorite Female Pilot

Amelia Earhart made history in 1932 when she became the first female pilot to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, becoming one of the most important women of the modern era. At the time, there were barely any women in the air force. Amelia essentially inspired many women to follow their dreams. But during a hopeful yet unfortunate flight around the world in 1937, she disappeared and was never heard from again.

The story and mystery of Amelia has captured the imaginations of people across the world. Her story begs many questions, including what exactly happened to her on that fateful journey. If her plane malfunctioned, where did she crash?

For years, the female pilot’s famous ill-fated journey around the world has been left a mystery, with many questions still unanswered…until now. As of late, new information has been discovered and much of the unknown is now known. After years of intense investigation, a group of researchers may have finally unlocked the secrets behind her disappearance. The case of Amelia Earhart might finally be solved.

So if you’re curious as to what happened to America’s sweetheart, read on to find out.

May 21, 1932

That was the date that a brave young woman named Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic by herself without stopping. Coming as no surprise, her trip came had its fair share of danger. Four hours into the flight, Earhart got into a bit of trouble.


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She later reported: “I saw flames shooting from the exhaust pipe. I became uneasy…It would have taken four hours to return, however, so I thought it would be safer to go ahead.” And to make matters even worse, her fuel tank was leaking too.

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