Nannie Doss, the Grandma Who Giggled All the Way to Prison

Every time Nannie Doss told the story of what she did to her husbands – she laughed. She showed absolutely no signs of regret or sorrow or grief. She became known to the public as “the jolly black widow.”

Nannie’s malicious spree began with her first husband in the 1920s and ended decades later in the 1950s. How did she manage to pull it off without getting caught?

Nannie Doss / Nannie Doss / Rat Poison / Nannie Doss

Source: Getty Images

The reason was simple – who would suspect a jolly old grandma to spike mugs of coffee with rat poison? Now, the eerie thing about Nannie’s story is that she wasn’t after her husbands’ insurance money; she was after “real romance in life” and “the perfect mate.”

Here’s her wicked story.

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