Indiana Jones: The Inspiration behind the Legendary Explorer

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a classic 1981 film directed by the renowned and talented Steven Spielberg. The classic movie was the first time Indiana Jones was introduced into the world. The adventurous college professor played by Harrison Ford has become iconic and comes to mind whenever you think of a fictional explorer. But is he fictional? Or was he based on a real person? Almost all forms of art are inspired by something or someone.


Roy Chapman Andrews (1884-1960). American Explorer, Adventurer, and Naturalist. Director of the American Museum of Natural History. Photo By Granger/Shutterstock

Roy Chapman Andrews was an academic, an archaeologist, and an explorer. He became a national celebrity thanks to his writings, and his discoveries made him a scientific hero. So how did a kid from Beloit, Wisconsin, end up inspiring a massively successful Hollywood franchise? His courage, bravery, and determination are already inspiring, so a movie about his explorations was sure to be a hit.

This is the true man behind the most epic explorer in Cinema History, Indiana Jones. Plus, we threw in some fun facts about the movie franchise!

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