Husband Returns from Tour of Duty and Finds out Wife’s Amazing Life-Changing Secret

When you serve your country, it isn’t just you who has to go through hardships. It’s your entire family. And the person who usually has to bear the most significant burden when you are not there is your husband or wife.

When you serve your country, it is the support and love of your family that keeps you going, especially when times are tough. As a soldier, you cannot be distracted by what is happening at home; you need to focus on your job 100%.

Setting Sail

This wasn’t the first time that US Navy Petty Officer Chris Daugherty was being deployed abroad. And neither was this the first that he would have to spend an extended period away from his family. Daugherty, who was leaving for yet another tour of duty in January of 2016, was expecting to be away for five months.


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But, as is the case in many military deployments, his tour of duty ended up being longer than he had expected. And that wasn’t the only surprise that was coming his way. Chris Daugherty did not know that he would be coming home to a life-changing surprise.

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