How Alfred Hitchcock Became the Master of Suspense

Alfred Hitchcock is a legendary English director who became as well-known as most actors. Throughout his career, he gave multiple interviews and made cameo appearances in 39 of his movies. You can see him appear in the background as a pedestrian or train passenger. Next time you watch one of his films, pay extra attention.


Alfred Hitchcock. Photo By Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

He was even once featured in “before and after” pictures in a newspaper ad for a weight-loss product. Between 1955 and 1965, he was hosting “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” and the ad certainly helped increase his profile. Altogether, the director’s movies garnered 46 Oscar nominations, and his film “Rebecca” won for Best Film. Hitchcock got into cinema when silent films were a thing but started using more innovative ways of movie-making. This is the impressive career of the master of suspense- Alfred Hitchcock.

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