The Chronicles of Hollywood’s Mad Director: Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes is known for a lot of things, particularly his films. He directed classics like Scarface and Hell’s Angels, but there were more than movie ideas going on in his mind. He suffered from mental illness, substance abuse, and spent long periods of time in seclusion. Hughes inherited his parents’ fortune and followed his passion for flying. He then made his way to Hollywood to pursue his dream of making movies. Hughes was aware that his money gave him power, and he used it to his advantage.


Photo by Glasshouse Images, Shutterstock / Granger, Shutterstock

He spent time as a ladies’ man and was linked to multiple starlets in the industry. He bought off whatever and whoever he wanted and couldn’t take no for an answer. Even though he was a trust fund kid, Hughes worked hard to increase his wealth, but he had a need for perfection. Despite all his money and success, Howard Hughes died a lonely man; he didn’t even have anyone to leave his estate to.

This is the crazy life and career of the legendary director.

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