Fast-Food Legend Dave Thomas and the Creation of Wendy’s

His Grandma Motivated Him

Dave Thomas didn’t have the ideal childhood. He was adopted as an infant, but, sadly, his adoptive mother passed away when he was only five years old. His adoptive father, Rex, moved him from town to town, which made young Thomas feel like he didn’t belong anywhere. Over ten years, he lived in at least a dozen different places.


Source: Wendy’s

Thomas’s fondest childhood memories were the summers he spent with his grandmother, Minnie Sinclair. He looked up to her and was inspired by her work ethic; she worked several jobs to keep food on the table and support the family after her husband died. “Minnie was a motivator,” Thomas wrote in his book. “Quality is everything… if people keep cutting corners, this country’s going to be in big trouble.” Quality food and service later became a cornerstone of Wendy’s.

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