Andy Green – Fastest Man on Earth

Andy Green is a British Royal Air Force fighter pilot and the current holder of the World Land Speed Record. On 25 September 1997 in Thrust SSC he beat the previous record in the Black Rock Desert, US, reaching a speed of 714.144 miles per hour (1,149.303 km/h). In memory of this event, the 25th of September let’s take a look at the story of Andy Green and his journey to achieving the world land speed record.

Supersonic Driver Wanted

In 1994, Richard Noble announced that he was looking for a driver for his supersonic car – the Thrust SSC . Andy Green who was at the time already a full-fledged jet fighter pilot applied for the position. After a series of psychological and technological tests, and interviews conducted for all the applicants, 32-year-old Andy Green was chosen in February 1995.


The record-breaking Thrust SSC supersonic car parades through the City, during today’s (Saturday) Lord Mayor’s Show celebrations. Photo by Rebecca Naden/PA (Photo by Rebecca Naden – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

In September 1997, Green’s team at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, US for what will eventually become a record-breaking world event. In1983, Richard Noble had achieved 634.051mph (1,020.406 km/h) with his earlier car – the jet-powered Thrust2 at the same location. On 25 September 1997, Andy Green broke Richard Noble’s 14-year old record by over 80mph. Green attained a speed of 714.144 miles per hour (1,149.303 km/h) with the jet-propelled Thrust SSC to become the fastest man on earth.

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