America’s Original Sweetheart: Shirley Temple

Classmates with Judy Garland

On April 23, 1928, Shirley Temple was welcomed into the world. From an extremely young age, she was headed toward stardom. Gertrude, Temple’s mom, enrolled her daughter in Meglin’s Dance Academy when she was just two. Another “Meglin Kiddie” who attended the performance academy was future starlet Judy Garland.


Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, and Shirley Temple. Photo by Snap / Shutterstock

By age three, Temple was already auditioning. She tried out for a movie called Our Gang, but she was rejected. When she tried out again, she actually got the role; however, her mom turned it down because the movie wouldn’t give young Shirley a big enough paycheck. Nobody realized that this little girl was destined to be a huge star.

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