America’s Original Sweetheart: Shirley Temple

The adorable and iconic Shirley Temple was born in 1928. The young girl helped America escape the Great Depression that followed a year after her birth. Her smile and innocence represented hope for a country that needed it more than ever. Temple had talent and dimples that charmed the world, but growing up in Hollywood came with its own set of challenges. Former child stars have a stereotype of going off the rails, but that didn’t happen to America’s sweetheart.


Photo by Glasshouse Images, Shutterstock / Snap, Shutterstock

Temple was a little girl with a huge personality. She had a special gift that not many children possess. She was 21st Century Fox’s biggest moneymaker and even saved the studio from going bankrupt. But like all child-stars, Temple grew up. She left the spotlight to pursue a more political career. From the famous beverage named after her to why she didn’t star in The Wizard of Oz, this is how Shirley Temple became America’s little darling.

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