A Look Into The Life of America’s Late Great Hollywood Legend: Robin Williams

Robin Williams is a Hollywood legend. He has a big heart and a special talent that nobody else can replicate. The actor was a comedic genius and truly one of a kind. Not only was he a comedic actor, but he took on some dramatic roles, too. He excelled at both. Ever since his passing in 2014, there is a huge hole in Hollywood and in our hearts. No matter how saddened we were by the loss, Robin Williams will be remembered forever.


Photo by Stewart Cook/Shutterstock.com

First of all, this guy always made us smile and shared the gift of laughter with the world. His iconic roles will live on forever, but there might be a few things you don’t know about the funny man. He is the reason behind how many movies and TV shows are filmed today. Do you want to know which actress he helped get through school?

Check out these facts about the iconic, beloved, talented, and legendary Robin Williams.

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