You’ve Heard the Rumors; Robots Are Coming. But Don’t Worry, These Jobs are Safe…For Now

One thing is for sure, our future is becoming more and more technological. In fact, many jobs will be replaced by robots. Our list is thoroughly researched (all information is taken from McKinsey & Company) and shows the safest jobs for the future.

Jobs with activities that are very predictable that take place in structured environments are the first to be replaced with robots. This process is known as automation. McKinsey estimates that 51% of all job-related activities in the U.S. economy fit this description. This is mainly in manufacturing, food service, and retail trade sectors.

40. Love Cooking? As a Chef Your Job Is 39% Secured

Being a chef takes a lot of skill and time in the kitchen learning. You wouldn’t naturally think that a robot can be a chef. After all, a lot of creativity is needed but, in fact, a robot can do a lot. They can order materials, supplies, or equipment, coordinate timing of food production activities, train food preparation or food service personnel and actually cook food.


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Therefore, if you love the food industry and cooking make sure you are involved in performing human resources activities, managing food service operations or parts of operations, coordinating activities of food service staff as well as communicating with customers to resolve complaints or ensuring satisfaction because those are the jobs that will stand the test of time.

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